Saturday, November 21, 2015


The entire trip was marvelous and an eye opener about the little known (at least to me) architectural treasures that India holds.

Here are some highlights.

My favorite lodging was the Ken River Lodge, there is something unique about a real mud hut in the middle of natural surroundings, with heating, cooling, 5 star amenities and a separate dressing room thrown in there.

The down to earth and very helpful staff and the simple but tasty food was very welcome. So much so that I am willing to overlook that the weather was stormy and miserable and their wifi was down most of the time we we were there.

Now on to the forts.

It's harder with the forts but I will give it a try. As most would say from the looks, beauty, and the sheer size of it, it would have to be The Gwalior Fort. It is in fact the most photographed fort in all history and guide books.

Then there is the Jhansi Fort, so steeped in rich history and culture, that one cannot help but be awed.

If you are like me and enjoy intrigue and imagination, the Garkundarh Fort wins hands down, it has a haunting and eerie feel at every turn. It is easy enough to imagine unhappy souls still looking for their lost love along every bend of the long winding hallways. The foreboding outside walls and the emptiness of the premises definitely add to this feeling and enhance it.

Maybe I have read Tagore's The Hungry Stone (Khudito Pashan), a few too many times and this fort is so conducive to such historical fiction worldwide.

I really enjoyed this trip very much and now it is time to start planning for our next adventure.


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