Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday October 30 - Panna/Mahoba/Chakrahari/Khajuraho

Today we will be leaving the forest and the rural areas to return to Khajuraho. We will be visiting a few historical sites on the way. It promises to be a pretty full and informative day.

Mahoba and Charkahri are rich in history but unfortunately not much of it remains, specially in Mahoba.

We picked up a local person in Mahoba who showed us around. We saw the Rahiliya Temple or the remains of it. It was destroyed by the marauding invaders led by Qutub-ud-din Aibek.

There is reconstruction going on but typical of ASI not much effort is being made to match the existing buildings.

We also saw Gokhagiri, Ram Kundh, Madan Sagar, Kirti Sagar. None of them are worth visiting or writing about.

We then proceeded on to Charkahri. Unfortunately the Fort has been taken over by the military and visitors are not allowed inside or even near it any more.

We were allowed to visit the palace which is in a sad state and again not worth visiting.

We returned to Khajuraho and checked into the hotel.

While we were having tea, the chef came to talk to us. The employees of this hotel are very personable, friendly, and helpful.

We had a nice chat with the chef and decided on our two items for dinner.

We rested for a bit freshened up and then went to dinner. The biriyani for me and the Mutton Rogan Josh for Sudip was excellent. The chef came over to find out how everything was and the servers were very attentive.

Our stay here has been very pleasant both times.

Time to retire for the night. Long day ahead of us tomorrow.

Location:Radisson Khajuraho

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