Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday October 31 - Khajuraho to Orchha via Garkundarh Fort

Left the hotel in good time and decided take a short detour and visit the Eastern Temples, which are the Jain Temples.

I am glad we decided to take this detour, the carvings are just as gorgeous as the west side.

We spent about half an hour and then started towards Garkundarh Fort. The road was good but long and it took us almost three and a half hours, a few wrong turns, some unfinished or broken roads and finally got the first glimpse of the fort. It was just as awe inspiring as the pictures.

We were fortunate to get a very knowledgeable, pleasant, and passionate security guard/guide, who showed us around with a lot of enthusiasm and taking his time.

What a fantastic fort, it is being restored by the state government of MP and great efforts are being made to closely match the original.

This is a must see (that is if you do not get hopelessly lost trying to find it). Pictures do not do justice to it.

We left reluctantly and proceeded to Amar Mahal at Orchha, our home for the next three nights.

Freshened up, had a light lunch and decided to rest for the remainder of the afternoon.

This is a nicely laid out hotel with very large suites but unfortunately it lacks maintenance in some critical areas. They do come and fix the problem, if it is easy enough to do so. They changed our suite since they couldn't repair the low water pressure in our original one.

Walked around the grounds some, found out that our room was too far from the office area for the wifi, so I was limited to the common areas. The reception was kind enough to allow me to log in on their private network for better speed and less congestion, I was impressed.

Pretty soon it was time for dinner. A group was performing folk dancing on the grounds and we stopped and watched for a bit.

The meals were not as tasty as in the previous two places but they were perfectly edible.

Time to retire for the night, we have plans to visit one of my favorite forts tomorrow, the Jhansi Fort. Looking forward to it.

Location:Amar Mahal - Orchha

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