Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday October 26

The flight arrived earlier by half an hour. There was a strong tail wind and the ground speed reached 675 mph, the fastest I have ever seen.

I am glad I brought my Kindle with me, so much better reading on a true e reader as opposed to a tablet.

Breakfast was around 11:00 AM IST and the flight landed at 2:45 PM.

A few flights had landed at the same time and Immigration took a very long time but was uneventful otherwise.

Luggage had already come and we just walked through the Green Channel.

Ujjal from the travel agency met us and brought us to The Surya Hotel, our home for the night.

Varsha, the tour advisor who had worked with us from the beginning, met us at the hotel and we spent time discussing the details for our tours.

Ujjal was able to arrange complimentary wifi in the room for us, this was wonderful and very much appreciated.

After they left we went to our room to freshen up, catchup on emails and other messages, and then down to the Coffee Shop to have a light dinner.

I had the Lucknow style lamb biriyani, and although the price was preposterous it was one of the best I have had. Sudip had the kabobs, unfortunately they were too hot for him and he could hardly taste the flavor of it.

Back to our room to retire early, we have to leave by 8:00 am for our flight to Khajuraho.

Goodnight everyone!

Location:Hotel Surya - New Delhi

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